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Mariana Matthews, Professional

Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Comedy Hypnosis

What is comedy hypnosis and who is That Lady Hypnotist? Find out here and why Mariana Matthews has been making her mark with iconic comedy hypnosis across the globe.

Hypnotic Fundraisers

Laugh, relax and raise money the fun way with comedy hypnosis fundraisers and Mariana Matthews, That Lady Hypnotist! Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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Looking for entertainment to take your event to the next level? Book That Lady Hypnotist for a world of comedy stage hypnosis and learn why Mariana has established a stellar reputation in the industry.

"Terrific entertainer & hypnotist, very professional! Everyone was amazed!"

− Kathy R.

"Everyone agreed we made the right decision when we hired Mariana!"

− Kristin C.

"Our whole team said this was the BEST Christmas party we have ever had!"

− Kathy

"Show was a big hit and we will be laughing for years to come!"

− Mark W.

"I would rate you ‘highly qualified,’ or as they say, from 1 to 10 you were an 11!"

− Bill W.